Top FHA News & Commentary

• Hobgoblin of Too-Little Compensation Packages (Thu 12/31) – “Just a little food for thought as the forensic analysts go over the role of executive compensation in bringing on the Panic of ‘08. And perhaps today’s headlines2 can throw some context …
• Questions Surround Fannie, Freddie (Thu 12/31) – “The government’s move to ease the limits on the securities holdings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has ignited a debate among analysts about what the companies will do with their longer l…
• Lawmakers Want Probe Into Treasury Aid for Fannie, Freddie (Wed 12/30) – “Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio) said his congressional subcommittee plans to investigate Treasury’s decision to lift the existing $400 billion cap on government cash available to the two…
• Fannie’s Serious Delinquencies Nears 5% in November (Wed 12/30) – “After mortgage giant Freddie Mac reported a 13% drop in mortgage purchases in November, Fannie Mae shows its book of business declined at an annualized rate of 6.7% in the same month, ac…
• Are Banks Scamming Fannie? (Wed 12/30) – “After the Fannie news came out this weekend, a friend called me and his brother works for Chase Mortgage. He told me that Chase is redoing stated income loans and instead of actually app…
• How Joseph Stiglitz Blew It On Fannie And Freddie (Tue 12/29)
• The Most Redeeming Feature of Capitalism is Failure (Tue 12/29)
• FHA Loans Could Spark Condo Sales in Bay Area (Mon 12/28)
• Fed and Treasury Perpetrators Of Fraudulent Scheme (Sun 12/27)
• Here’s The Secret Reason We Eliminated The Bailout Caps On Fannie And Freddie (Sat 12/26)
• Fannie, Freddie CEOs May Receive $6 Million for 2009 (Fri 12/25)
• FHA Commissioner David Stevens addresses mortgage industry policy concerns (Fri 12/18)
• Fannie, Freddie suspend evictions for holidays (Fri 12/18)
• 4 Big Mortgage Backers Swim in Ocean of Debt (Thu 12/17)
• Fannie, Freddie Overseer Said to Consider Seeking More U.S. Aid (Tue 12/15)

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